It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Sustain’s approach to food is flexible and works with nearly all dietary restrictions.

How Our Personalized Medical Weight Loss Works

Sustain helps people with a BMI of 30 or higher (27 or higher with certain medical conditions) achieve their weight loss and health goals.

Your provider will create a personalized weight loss program which may include FDA-approved medications along with sustainable nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle modification.

Combining coaching with FDA-approved medications has been shown in clinical studies to result in 2X-3X better outcomes.

Sustain Program Overview

  • Personalized weight loss plan including prescription for medication, when appropriate.
  • Bi-weekly Follow-up appointments, to help you stay on track and address concerns.
  • Unlimited messaging with your Sustain team for support between visits.
  • Optional Welcome kit: InBody H20N Body composition scale, Craving Healthy Cookbook, GI Stool Test, and SIBO Breath Test.

You don’t need to feel hungry to Sustain your health

It's easy to get started with Sustain.
Most patients begin treatment within 2 weeks, all online!

Take Quiz

Start by taking our short quiz to see if you’re a candidate for Sustain’s medical weight loss program.

We'll check if you qualify, and confirm that the program is a good fit!

Intake Call

Schedule a 15 minute call where we'll request some additional information so your clinical care team has the background they need to develop a personalized weight loss path for you.

We'll also review your insurance and confirm your medication coverage.

Labs & Records

Complete your diagnostic lab tests at-home for $50, or the nearest Lab Corp or Quest location.

Complete your medical intake forms, and have your primary care provider forward your records.

Welcome Kit

Once you're on board you can request a welcome kit! A welcome kit includes an InBody H20N smart scale that measures body composition as well as a copy of Dr. Nancy's cookbook, Craving Healthy.

Upon request we can also schedule an at-home breath test for SIBO, or a GI stool test for gut health.

Initial Consult

The Initial Consult is a 45-minute Telemedicine session to evaluate your metabolic health. We will dig deep to develop a detailed medical history and analysis, and review lab panels to assess your metabolism, hormones and micronutrients. We’ll also create a customized nutrition plan for you to get started right away.

Start Treatment

Following your Initial Consult, Sustains doctors may issue a prescription for an FDA-approved weight loss medication.

Prescriptions can be filled at the pharmacy of your choice, or use our partner Capsule to have your medication delivered same day.

Schedule a Free Call.

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Sign up with confidence with our Medication Coverage Guarantee.
We help you get GLP-1 medications covered by your commercial medical insurance. If we can't help you, you're eligible for a refund (less the cost of your first doctor appointment, $550). See details here.