4 Pillars of Weight Gain: The Root Causes

Frustrated with your weight loss progress (or lack thereof)? You’re certainly not alone. Today, I’m sharing the 4 root causes of weight gain that we all experience, plus some tips to help you overcome each of them.

Why Obesity Isn’t a Choice: The Causes

Society has come a long way when it comes to body positivity, but there’s still a huge amount of stigma around being overweight, and even more so around being obese. Many people believe that obesity is a choice - it’s not.

Why GLP-1s Work for Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise - it’s not entirely a battle of calories in, versus calories out. Our bodies often don’t want us to lose weight beyond a certain point, and so will drive our hormones out of wack to keep us feeling hungry. So, what can we do to overcome these hormones? 


5 Natural Ingredients You Should Eat to Boost Immune Function

The world is starting to return to normal for many of us and, unfortunately, that also means the return of the common cold. The best way to combat unwelcome viruses and illness is through our diet.

5 Things You Don’t Know are HURTING Your Immunity
The pandemic has highlighted the importance of our immune system, and you may have even improved your diet to help strengthen it. But have you thought about whether you’re doing anything to harm it?
6 Top Reasons Why You’re Bloated
Whether it’s after eating too much at Thanksgiving dinner or a reaction to something you ate, we’ve all felt that uncomfortable pressure that comes from being bloated at one time or another. While we can dismiss the occasional discomfort, it’s important to recognize that bloating isn’t a part of a healthy digestive system. 
Don’t Ignore Your Gut: Top 4 Consequences
A little stomach pain shortly after dinner can be easy to ignore, but ignoring the symptoms your gut gives you can be a mistake. When you pay attention to what your gut is trying to tell you, you’ll find you can tweak your behavior and experience a better quality of life, thanks to a healthier gut!
Italian Chicken Meatballs
If you’re craving spaghetti and meatballs, put these over some Palmini Angel Hair or Palmini Linguine and that’s a craving satisfied. Some people like smaller meat balls, Chef Lindsay likes them approaching gold ball size the way the Italians do. Feel free to add extra garlic powder if you like.
6 Foods To Help You Debloat & Heal Your Gut
Do you tend to bloat easily after you eat? Getting bloated after every meal or even a small snack can be very troubling. If you have a sensitive stomach, here are 6 foods you can add to your diet to help your stomach debloat and heal your gut.
The Best Foods That Support Your Hair, Skin, & Nails
Hair loss and brittle nails are often the first signs of worsening health that we notice. Even an increase in acne or prevalent wrinkles can be worrisome. Whether it is stress at work, or you haven’t been eating a balanced diet, you have been taking a hit. 
5 Things Making it Difficult for You to Lose Weight
Putting on weight is easy, but losing it is often a painfully slow process, especially once we’re a few weeks or months into our weight loss journey. So, what’s going on? You’re still working out and eating right, yet the weight is staying on. 
Are Nutritional Supplements Worth It? The Truth from a Doctor
If you’re interested in improving your health, you’ve likely been bombarded with advertising about multivitamins and other supplements – but are they worth it? We asked Dr Nancy for the truth about nutritional supplements and how you should, and shouldn’t take them.
8 Sneaky Food Mistakes You’re Making Daily & How to Fix Them!
We make a huge number of small decisions related to our diet every day that can add up to big results – good or bad. If we make the wrong ones, we sabotage all our hard work. Of course, you need to know what mistakes you’re making to change your behavior. 
Coconut Thai Miso Salmon Soup
This recipe is for spice fans only since serrano peppers are up to five times hotter than their cousin, the jalapeño. This hearty dish hits the spot, with Thai-inspired flavors of coconut milk and fish.   
Your Guide to Choosing the Best Protein Powder
Deciding to try protein powder is the easy part – choosing which one is right for you is the hard part! There are so many different brands, types, and flavors out there that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we asked Dr. Nancy what you should be looking for, so read on here to find out!