4 Pillars of Weight Gain: The Root Causes

Frustrated with your weight loss progress (or lack thereof)? You’re certainly not alone. Today, I’m sharing the 4 root causes of weight gain that we all experience, plus some tips to help you overcome each of them.

Why Obesity Isn’t a Choice: The Causes

Society has come a long way when it comes to body positivity, but there’s still a huge amount of stigma around being overweight, and even more so around being obese. Many people believe that obesity is a choice - it’s not.

Why GLP-1s Work for Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just diet and exercise - it’s not entirely a battle of calories in, versus calories out. Our bodies often don’t want us to lose weight beyond a certain point, and so will drive our hormones out of wack to keep us feeling hungry. So, what can we do to overcome these hormones? 


10 Healthy Holiday Food Swaps to Make This Season
The holiday season is rarely the healthiest one, and even the best among us usually let loose and put on a pound or two. Fortunately, it’s easy to limit the damage when you make these healthy holiday food swaps! Click here to find out my favorite sneaky healthy holiday food swaps for the coming season. 
Is Sweetener Better Than Sugar? The Truth & Which to Choose
So, we start to look for alternatives to satisfy our sweet tooth, but are artificial sweeteners actually a better alternative to sugar? We asked Dr. Nancy about the most popular sweeteners so you can learn whether they’re actually better for you, and which you should choose.
7 Foods to Keep You Healthy Through Fall
Fall is here and there’s no better time to be eating foods that boost your immune system. The weather always makes catching a cold from someone else much more likely. If you’d like to avoid catching a cold this fall (and who wouldn’t?) make sure your meals are full of these 7 foods.
7 Ways to Conquer Your Sugar Addiction
Feeding your sugar addiction may be delicious, but that’s its only benefit. If you’ve decided to kick the habit and embrace better health, we’re with you. Here are our top 7 tips to conquer your sugar addiction for good.
6 Clear Signs You Are Addicted to Sugar
If you find it difficult to go a whole day without a soda, chocolate, or cookie, you may be addicted to sugar. Sugar addiction is far more common than most of us think. Worried you may be addicted to sugar? 
6 Best Foods for Boosting Your Metabolism
If you’re over the age of 25, you probably have mixed feelings about your metabolism. Now, as adults, we usually think of our metabolisms with disappointment. Why can’t it be faster? Well - it can. Read on here to learn the 6 best metabolism-boosting foods.
Top 4 Healthy Oils You Should Be Cooking With
Not all oils are equal when it comes to cooking, baking or just eating. Oils have a variety of cholesterol levels, fats, and vitamins. So, what are the best oils you should consider when cooking?
5 Natural Ingredients You Should Eat to Boost Immune Function

The world is starting to return to normal for many of us and, unfortunately, that also means the return of the common cold. The best way to combat unwelcome viruses and illness is through our diet.

6 Foods To Help You Debloat & Heal Your Gut
Do you tend to bloat easily after you eat? Getting bloated after every meal or even a small snack can be very troubling. If you have a sensitive stomach, here are 6 foods you can add to your diet to help your stomach debloat and heal your gut.
The Best Foods That Support Your Hair, Skin, & Nails
Hair loss and brittle nails are often the first signs of worsening health that we notice. Even an increase in acne or prevalent wrinkles can be worrisome. Whether it is stress at work, or you haven’t been eating a balanced diet, you have been taking a hit. 
5 Things Making it Difficult for You to Lose Weight
Putting on weight is easy, but losing it is often a painfully slow process, especially once we’re a few weeks or months into our weight loss journey. So, what’s going on? You’re still working out and eating right, yet the weight is staying on. 
8 Sneaky Food Mistakes You’re Making Daily & How to Fix Them!
We make a huge number of small decisions related to our diet every day that can add up to big results – good or bad. If we make the wrong ones, we sabotage all our hard work. Of course, you need to know what mistakes you’re making to change your behavior.